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GIY is a supporter-funded organisation. In addition to knowing that they are helping to make food-growing the norm, GIY supporters receive:

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"The savings to the tax payer could be absolutely phenomenal if we could educate people to eat healthily. This is an educational project of real interest, going back to what we always did for so many centuries, growing our own food."

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, TD

"GIY is one of the most important initiatives to come out of Ireland in the last 20 years."

Darina Allen, Slow Food Ambassador

"The best food is food grown with deep empathy, for loved ones and for the living soil. Ashoka is proud to count Michael Kelly, founder of GIY, as one of its "lifetime" Fellows and is grateful for his leadership in Ireland and around the world."

Bill Carter, Vice President, Ashoka.

About GIY

About GIY

GIY is an emerging global network of people who grow some of their own food.

With the rise of diet-related illness, there has never been a more urgent need for people to grow and eat healthy food.  Research has shown that when people grow some of their own food, they gain a deeper understanding of food (“food empathy”), which leads to long term dietary changes and improved mental and physical wellbeing.

Founded in Ireland in 2009, each year GIY supports over 65,000 people and 1,500 community food groups and projects, inspiring and supporting people to grow food at home, school, work and in the community.  The not-for-profit GIY organisation runs events and campaigns to build awareness and knowledge about food growing.

With your help, we aim to create a community of 1 million ‘GIYers’ in 20 countries in the next 5 years.


  1. Sign up for GROW, our free weekly advice and news ezine.
  2. Join GIY - become a supporter.
  3. Start or join a GIY group in your community.



At the core of our work is the GIY group network. In GIY groups, people come together in the community to inspire and support each other to grow food.  GIY groups are run by 'local champions' who are passionate about the power of food growing to bring about change in their communities.  Read our 5-step guide to starting a GIY group.

The first GIY groups were in the southeast of Ireland.  There are now hundreds of GIY groups in Ireland and an emerging network of groups in the UK, Australia and Africa.  Check out the GIY group map.


In much the same way that GIY groups in the community bring people together, our online social network brings people together 'in the cloud' to support each other to grow food. 

On this site, you can connect with other growers on the forum, and access a range of GIY resources that will help you to grow your own, such as video tutorials, veg directory, daily tips and much more.


In addition to supporting GIYers and the GIY group network, GIY runs campaigns and events to inspire and support people to grow food in homes, schools, workplaces and communities:

  1. Sow & Grow campaign will support up to 100,000 primary school children in Ireland to start their GIY journey in partnership with innocent.
  2. Each year thousands of people start growing their own food for the first time with Operation GIY Nation, supported by Renault.
  3. Over three years from 2013-2015 approximately 400 local food growing projects will receive funding from the Get Ireland Growing Fund in partnership with AIB.
  4. Each year approx 400 'GIYers' get together for the GIY Gathering which takes place in Waterford, Ireland each September.  The event is a festival of growing that features some of the world's leading food growers, writers and advocates.  It has been described as "Glastonbury for Growers" by River Cottager Mark Diacono.    



GROW HQ is GIY’s national food education centre. GROW HQ will be a centre of excellence for local and home-grown food - a food training centre, cookery school, café, farm shop and training gardens.  It is due to open in Waterford in 2016.